scaling of non native application on plasma

Hi, so i have 3600*1800 screen on plasma (laptop). I have modified screen scaling (*2) + fonts and everything is fine with native apps. Most gtk apps etc have tiny UI controls which i can mostly live with. However i now have a new mathematics package (geogebra) for which better scaling is a necessity.

Am i missing something on scaling of non native apps?, any settings or perhaps option to launch apps from terminal with different parameters etc? Thanks for any help.

There probably is some obscure gnome tweaking tool to do scaling. Personally, I do not use scaling but fix dpi instead. Plasma honors that but gnome does not. Or, at least, it did not when I installed this laptop. For gnome, try to set this in ~/.Xresources

Xft.dpi: 144

use your actual dpi or one that suits your eyes. My laptop has actual 168 dpi but I set dpi to 144 in both xorg monitor conf and local .Xresources. No scaling otherwise. Problem with scaling was that gnome only scales in integers, IIRC. My 144 is 150% of 96, so I would need a scale of 1.5. But gnome jumped to 2 and everything was way too large.

This is due to upstream GTK3 dropping support for DPI autodetection:

The openSUSE GTK maintainers do not want to maintain patches that are not accepted upstream, so I’m afraid this won’t work without manual overriding.