SBAT failure? Suddenly not working after live-usb boot

Hey all!

After booting up to a live-USB to see how things in F40 are progressing, im getting this message when trying to boot into my tumbleweed install:

Verifying shim SBAT data failed: Security Policy Violation
Something has gone serously wrong: SBAT self-check failed: Security Policy Violation

I’ve researched the issue, which lead me here, and when I ask it to list recovations,I get the following:

localhost:~ # mokutil --list-sbat-revocations

The wikis guidance is telling me to use this command:

 localhost:~ # mokutil --set-sbat-policy delete

It is not having any effect, regardless, my revocations list remains the same, 4 entries long. Can anyone help point me in the right direction so I can re-enable secureboot?

Disable secure-boot in your BIOS.

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