sax2 -r won't recognize the graphic adapter drivers

Hello to all and I’m glad to join Suse community (or at least trying to :stuck_out_tongue: )
I have an Nvidia8800GT card, on OpenSuse 11.0 64 and followed the instructions for 1 click install here. After finishing installation I gave as a root

sax2 -r

and after a few seconds while it was trying to detect, xserver failed, and my screen got to stand-by. After hard-rebooting (ctrl-alt-bakspc didn’t work) the system came up with vesa drivers again. So I see no possible solution, (I haven’t compiled a driver before and I’m a little scared to try it, since I’ll have to do it every later kernel update) so plz help…
P.S: I also tried this but I think it’s the same thing, and it had same results.

I found the solution! As a root run:


and then restart the x-server.

  • jnik [2008-10-11 20:36]:
    > I found the solution!

But please report a bug at anyway.