sax2 KDE 4.1

I used the one button install for the nvidia driver. The system runs ok, the sax 2 window has 3d checked but greyed out, is this ok? I don’t use compiz, the included desktop effects is all. I have the nvidia screen for a moment on startup, the nvidia x server window and a clear screen at 1680x1050. I tried compiz with hassles, what the heck is xgl setup? Why did yast download it with compiz? And compiz as window decorater removed my window borders.
Download is live kde 4.1 from the kde web site.
The planets must be aligned, my wireless works perfect from the start :slight_smile:

The “3d enabled” button can be safely ignored - if nVidia drivers are properly installed and you get the nVidia logo, you’ll have 3D enabled whether it’s grey or not.

If you use the default desktop effects you’re already using Compiz.