sax problems with OpenSUSE 11

I tried to install opensuse 11 over may 10.3 version in my notebook and my desktop, formatting just the root partition. At the end of the automatic configuration the system goes to runlevel 5, waits 10 min or so and goes to login. I logged in as root and restart. At the initialization, the system goes again to runlevel 5 and asks me for login. When logged in, I call sax2 and receives the following messages:
Sax: initializing please wait
Sax: your current configuration will not be read in
Sax: no X-server running
Sax: will start own server if needed
touch: cannot touch ‘var/cache/sax/files/reinit’: no such file or directory
touch: cannot touch ‘var/cache/sax/files/hardware.chg’: no such file or directory
can’t create /var/cache/sax/files/config: no such file or directory at /usr/share/sax/ line 745

I opened yast2, included the nvidia repository, installed the nvidia drivers and the problems above persisted. Does anyone could help me?

the touch messages are strange to me… Have you checked to see if maybe your partition is full or is set to read only?

Check to see if you can , as root, create a test file in /var/cache/sax/files


Hi Magic31,

There is no var/cache/sax directory! But i can create files in var/cache. What happened with sax?

hmmmm… haven’t had this before so I don’t know :wink:

Did the install go well without errors? I’m thinking maybe bad install media (bad download, bad burn) caused this?

Go into YaST and reinstall all of the SAX packages.

Going from 10.1 to 11.0 I am also having SAX problems is not in the package like it is supposed to be (reloaded twice)

Can’t get my NVIDIA card going at all. YaST doesn’t even list Monitor in hardware.

What exactly happened? Did you get dropped to the Command Line Interface?

Any errors?

The more information provided, the easier the problem will be to fix.

Thanks. :slight_smile: