sax : could not start configuration server

when i installed my ati graphic driver sax don’t run and say
sax: could not start configuration server
what can i dO?
and when start sax2-vesa the screen become black
and not thing else :smiley:
Heeelp me

Did you use the driver in the suse ati repo or install directly from ati?
Have a look at this page:
ATI - openSUSE.
To get some sort of gui, use the failsafe boot option and vesa display option to fix the display.
Else just use the console login and use the non gui yast to install the drivers from the repo.
Sometimes the repo loads a new kernel, so it’s perhaps best to reboot after the install and then configure with sax.
It’s also better if you use the ati driver to install and configure in run level 3. I found the gui install never worked too well.

Are you getting a seg fault error message? If so, then I may be encountering the same problem. I documented my encounter here:
X window problem with kernel on Dell Studio 15 - openSUSE Forums