Saving Into Folder of My Choice

Hi All,

After a fresh install of Leap 15.2, I have got the problem of saving files or even downloads in the folder of my choice. What happens is that when something is downloaded or even when I have written a new text editor document which i want to save and I click on ‘Save’ in the text editor, the window that opens for me to select the folder where to save the document, is so huge that I cannot get at the ‘Save’ Tab at its bottom. Trying to reduce its size by pulling it down from top or bottom does not work. Even its closing buttons at right-hand top corner cannot be accessed I have to close it by pressing ‘Escape’ key.

Help on this issue would be most welcome.

Thanks & Regards


Prime question. Which Desktop Environment are you using?

Hi Henk,
Sorry! I should have mentioned that I am on Gnome Desktop. Thereafter, I explored further with Gnome-Extensions and fiddled with the item ‘Windows’ there. After making some changes there the problem seems to have disappeared.
However, Thanks a lot for your response.