Saving a .csv file when enclosed in a winmail.dat file - help pleas

I have received two data files, a spreadsheet file in .xlsx format and a .csv file. These are bundled in a winmail.dat file.

I can open it when in my linux system with KTnef, no problem, but I wish to save the .csv file on its own in one of my working files as just that, a csv file.

Try as I might I cannot do this as everything I try insists on opening it in a spreadsheet.

How do I stop this automatic action please?


Ask them to send information in a zip file, or login to your email providers web interface and grab from there.

Hi Budge,

Just out of curiosity I asked the duck for winmail.dat format and came across that website:

I didn’t test it and I have no idea no safe it is.


If you really need a csv file, you might go through with the loading into spreadsheet “libreoffice calc” as you say is suggested by the app and then save back to a csv file.

From what i can see in KTnef, you should be able to save individual files. When you open the winmail.dat file in KTnef, is the extract button not active?

I have used ripMIME to extract attachments from winmail.dat files.