Saved WiFi Password

Anyone know how to force openSUSE 13.2 KDE to save the WiFi password? I have the option “Remember this password” checked before typing it obviously, but every time I restart, it asks me for the password again.

I have been setting my connection to he shared with other users. As I recall, after connecting I have to click on the tool (wrench) to edit the connection. That saves the password somewhere under “/etc/NetworkManager”.

But I’ll take your post as a reminder. I should go experiment with WiFi connections to see why some folk are having this problem.

I tested it.

I deleted my WiFi configuration. I did this while the system was not running, by deleting the various files, including those under “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections” and under “/var/lib/NetworkManager”.

Then I booted 13.2, logged into KDE and connected. It went smoothly. I’m not sure if it is relevant, but I opened “kwallet” before I attempted to setup a WiFi connection. So “kwallet” was already properly setup and open.

I logged out, then logged in as another user. As expected, I was not connected as that other user.
I logged out, then logged into my normal account. It connected quietly. It did not prompt for a WiFi password. It did not prompt for a “kwallet” password. It just connected. This is the best I have ever seen from NetworkManager.

It seems to be saving the password under “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connection”, but flagged as to which user can connect. I don’t know what happens if a second user tries to connect to the same network.

In any case, I have switched that (edited the connection) so that it is now shared with all users. And, testing, when I logged in as a different user the connection remained.

So why are some people having problems? My guess is that they upgraded to 13.2 instead of doing a clean install. Or they did a clean install, but kept their old KDE settings.

I did a clean install, but I did retain my “/home” partition. However, soon after install I deleted “$HOME/.kde4” so as to make a clean start for this version. I usually do that for new versions.

in the file
/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/<connection name…>
in the section


the password has been replaced by xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’s and is in clear text,
security is covered by the file permissions being 600 and owned by root:root
hence root privileges needed to see and make changes

the setup is to auto connect for all users and does not show its availabiliy


Yes, I tend to set up ‘shared’ network connections too. Then kwallet does not come into it.

This was a clean install of 13.2 and I never used 13.1, or KDE really, so that’s my dilemma…I guess maybe I can try the shared network thing. I’ll post back once I try, thanks all!