Save installed packages for new installation like apt?

If I understand correctly, Opensuse doesn’t save installed rpm packages installed with the package manager. I grew up on Debian based distros where packages installed with the package manager are saved in /var/cache/apt. You only need to copy this to a new install and install them without having to download them a second time. Is there something like this similar in Opensuse?

Hi 67GTA,

Good to see you made it over… :slight_smile:

Starting openSUSE 11.0 zypper has the option to retain cached files (keep-packages switch per repo). I don’t know the details just yet & have not tested, but it looks like you can add a repository with a keep cache switch so the downloaded files will stay in the matching /var/cache/zypper/<repro> directory?

More listed here : Zypper/Changes/11.0 - openSUSE

Alternatively Smart has the ability to keep downloaded rpms. But that is an option others know much more about (for one oldcpu has good knowledge of smart).


Yeah, I’ve decided to use Opensuse for my KDE needs, and Mint for Gnome KDE just doesn’t get any better than this:) Thanks for the link. I will have to do some homework. I usually use Yast for package management, but I am going to have to make myself learn zypper. From the looks of it, it is very similar to apt.


Open Konsole

Become su


smart config --set remove-packages=false

and press ENTER

Now all your packages will be cached in