Sauerbraten Trooper Edition: need libraries?

I’m trying to install the new edition of Sauerbraten and it requests some additional libraries. I’m running openSuse 11.0 KDE.

What libraries are needed?

Also, when i execute the file, “sauerbraten_unix” absolutely nothing happens.

Do I need to delete the old edition which is already installed, then try to install the new edition?


If you launch the game in Konsole, any problems will be reported to you. If konsole reports missing dependencies, you can always zypper in them.

Thanks! Ok, so here is what I received:

Renderer: ATI Radeon Xpress Series (ATI Technologies Inc.)
Driver: 2.1.7873 Release
Rendering using the OpenGL assembly shader path.
init: console
init: gl: effects
init: world
init: sound
init: cfg
unknown command: grassanimdist
unknown command: bounddynshadows
unknown command: dynshadow
unknown command: grassbillboard
unknown command: grasssamples
unknown command: damageblendfactor
unknown command: grasslodz
unknown command: grassbbcorrect
unknown command: grassfalloff
unknown command: damageblend
unknown command: startmenu
unknown command: grasslod
valid range for grasstaper is 0.0…1.0
init: mainloop
game mode is coop edit
could not find animation shoot
could not find animation punch
could not find animation shoot
could not find animation punch

Now, i’m also ending up using the old sauerbraten .cfg files which is kinda bizzare. I’m also retrieving the old server list. Hopefully just removing the old edition will fix that.