SATA HDD not detected:Automatic proposal not possible

Newbie to Linux.

Here is my Laptop specs.

1 GB RAM Sahara Ej10

XP PRO SP3 installed on c:/ NTFS 30 GB -Free space 14 GB
d:/NTFS e:/ NTFS and created L for opensuse FAT32 13 GB

Hard Disk:SATA Hitachi

Tried SUSE 11.2 via Gnome live cd.checked for checksum-ok and memory test-ok

Started installation live CD with Safesettings enabled as default installation never worked(hangs after loading kernel step 1)

Clicked on Live installer on Desktop and reached the partioning stage where I got this message

“Noautomatic propsals possible.Specify mount points manually in the partion dialog”

Checked LVM option and got error"Imposible to create the requested proposals"

Open SUSE did not detect my hard disk and asked to try from update installation CD( no idea whats this update install cd is)

Tried further steps and started copying files and live image.Got “low disk space” error during copying and failed atlast.

Please help

OK it looks like your drive is full. I assume you planed to install in the “L” 13 gig partition???

It is always best to simply leave the space planed to be used unpartitioned. You can do that from windows. Suse by default creates 3 partitions swap root (/) and home (/home). root is where the system goes and most programs. Home is where your personal data and settings go (for each user). You can tell the installer not to create a home and /home directory will then be on the root partition. But it is good to have your data separate from the system. If you are just playing and will have no important stuff on home then you just need root and swap. You can tell the installer to do this at the partition schema screen.

13 gig is enough but it is pretty tight if you plane on serious usage.

good luck