Sans Serif only in bold+Italic in KDE 4.8.2 oS 11.4 64 bits

My desktop PCI-E nvidia card borked yesterday, and I reverted to the onboard Radeon HD3200.

Video is OK, fglrx, OpenGL, 3D effects and such (even dual monitors!), but after trying to remove the Arial font (to debug a Bricscad 12 issue) using system-setting font manager - which keeps asking for the root password - things got weird.

All text using Sans Serif font is now bold and italic, regardless of what is set. This happened only to Sans serif, the default system font. I changed the fonts in KDE settings to Liberation Sans, for example, and it works normally.

The same problem happens with a new user, and also with the root account.

Looking further into this, I noticed that there is no Sans Serif font either in /usr/local/share/fonts or usr/share/fonts/truetype ,and in /usr/local/share/fonts/a the only Arial font there is - surprise - bold+italic: arialbi.ttf, listed as Arial (1) in system-settings font manager.

So I presume KDE is substituting Arial for Sans Serif - which I’m starting to think is only a redirection to the actual font, Arial in this case.

Is that so? ? And isn’t Arial MS’ property? Will I go to hell if I use it? :smiley:

It seems that the solution is simple, reinstall Arial using the fetchmsttfonts script in Yast’s software manager (or just copy arial.ttf from another computer), but can’t I redirect the Sans Serif to Liberation Sans? I couldn’t find a way to do it, and there’s also the font-config stuff and font caches that I don’t know if interfere with this.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

… and also with the root account.

Even if you did login in the GUI as root (which you should know is a big taboo), never mention that here. You will open up all sorts of discussion that will not help you with your problem.

I remember having an issue like this years ago, don’t remember the exact solution (I solved it with help from the web, do remember that), but IIRC the solution was in modifying .conf files in ./etc/fonts. Again IIRC I found that things had changed in there. What I’m sure of, is that I needed to run SuSEconfig to effect the changes.

Thanks, Knurpht. /etc/fonts/suse-post-user.conf specify the preferred font order for each family, and sans serif’s first choice is indeed arial. I can now either copy arial.ttf back to the font folder or edit the family spec - which will probably require a cache refresh.

@hcvv: I’ll try to refrain myself…