SANE with iSight camera

Has anyone got any experience with SANE on the iSight camera (on the MacBook Pro)?
I’m trying to take a snap and getting the following:

SANE_DEBUG_V4L=255 scanimage
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of v4l to 255.
[v4l] SANE v4l backend version 1.0 build 4 from sane-backends 1.0.19
[v4l] attach: trying to open /dev/video0
[v4l] attach: found videodev `Built-in iSight' on `/dev/video0'
[v4l] sane_get_devices
[v4l] sane_open: device /dev/video0 found in devlist
[v4l] sane_open: 1 channels, 0 audio devices
[v4l] sane_open: minwidth=48, minheight=32, maxwidth=1280, maxheight=1024
[v4l] sane_open: V4L device can capture to memory
[v4l] sane_open: can't ioctl VIDIOCGCHAN /dev/video0: Invalid argument
scanimage: open of device v4l:/dev/video0 failed: Invalid argument
[v4l] sane_exit: all devices freed

Don’t worry about this now. I reported this bug to sane developers and currently, I am following it up with them - compiling CVS snapshots, testing, sending logs …