Sandisk Sansa clip no longer works with openSUSE 11.2!

Well here is another issue I have found, my sansa clip no longer works with openSUSE 11.2.
Worked fine with 11.1 and Ubuntu but not 11.2

“no longer works”… as in?

As in not recognized, its not coming up in my install.
usually it comes up as a vfat drive.

maybe a driver is missing or disabled in the kernel? how did it got recognized in the past? as a normal disk?

Yeh it was seen as a FAT drive, as it is a FAT drive.
Its a small 1GB device so I didnt opt to reformat it to NTFS

I assume it’s USB based? if so, what happens when you plug it in? both dmesg and lsusb should show something

Yes its a USB.
I will plug it in here, and give you a report back.

Edit: okay that was frikkin weird, now it works.
I have no idea what happened, one minute it didnt work and the next its working.
But I wont mark this as solved yet just in case.
I plan to reboot here in a few minutes