Samsung R700 Aurora display brightness problem (Suse 11.2):


right to the problem.

  1. After installing the prop. Nvidia drivers the display brightness can not be adjusted. It stays at a very low brightness level all the time. Moving the brightness slider doesn’t work. Trying the fn key combination to adjust the brightness fails, too. The brightness wasn’t adjustable with the default “nv driver”, but at least it was at maximum brightness then.

All this happens under Kubuntu as well. What could be causing this?

  1. Also, this is a fresh install of Suse 11.2 64bit and our wifi is connected via WPA 2. It sais it’s active, but doesn’t let us surf the internet. What could be causing this?

Please let me know, if you need any system or additional information.

Thank you for your time.


Hello there!
0) I am proud owner of R580 model.

  1. Exactly the same with MESA “nv driver”. Haven’t tried proprietary yet… But there is a solution one dude called voRia is developing collection of scripts for Samsung Laptops (nbooks, netbooks etc.). As far as I know it is *.deb package in custom Ubuntu PPA repo (Linux On My Samsung • View topic - New application’s coming: Samsung Tools!). But it should not be that hard to make it work under openSUSE.

I would recommend reading through both forums Linux On My Samsung (Linux On My Samsung • Index page) and Sammy Netbook (Samsung Netbook Community: Forum).

  1. Strange that Ubuntu 10.04’s network manager doesn’t have problem with connection to mine hidden SSID wireless network in comparison to openSUSE, even latest milestones of 11.3 with network manager in KDE had trouble on getting that working. Still looking forward to final 11.3

Pehrhaps it is similar to encrypted WiFi network, too.

Be sure to let me know how or whether these advices helped you! :wink:

PS: Don’t you have an idea how to switch between graphic cards like I have in it slightly overclocked nVidia 330M and integrated Intel GMA HD. Or should I wait for new future kernels? (What’s more curious I cannot switch between them even in Windows 7, like Samsung did not include nVidia Optimus technology :sarcastic:). And that’s why running on battery is max. up to 3 hours.