Samsung Notebook PC NPX-130 Wireless LAN

Installing OpenSUSE v11.4 on my Samsung NPX-130 notebook PC, I observed the following:

  1. the wired LAN was working properly;
  2. the wireless LAN did not work;
  3. Switching to Windows 7 (dual OS: Windows 7 & OpenSUSE v11.4), the same PC, Samsung NPX-130, had both wired & wireless LAN working properly.

It seems that the driver software of OpenSUSE v11.4 was not working with wireless LAN of the PC. Can anyone offer a driver software or other solution for me to make it work? Thanks very much.

Regards, Bruce

Hi, can you give us some additional info please? And first of all: welcome to the forums.

Please install the package rfkill (it’s small) and then run from the console:

rfkill list

Post the results, and wrap these results in CODE tags (button #) from the advanced editing menu.

Then become user root (su -) and do:

lspci -nnk

and post the result too. Thank you.