Samsung NC20

Hi to you all,

I would like to start a thread for the Samsung NC20 for anyone wanting to get rid of the awful os that is shipped with it (XP ;))

Here is the story so far, The laptop uses the Via Nano chipset (VX800), In the current Kernet 2.6.27 there is little support for this. Similar to the HP Mini Note I think.

So far out of the box everything works well except the onboard sd card reader and the graphics card. There seems to be no 3d acceleration and the 2d is very slow making movie watching very painful in full screen mode…

Now the good news is that Via have opened up all their Documentation for development with Linux therefore there is documentation floating about on the web that Kernel 2.6.28 will support this chipset.

At present the advice from via is to use openchrome9 or the unichrome driver, I have not had any luck with either driver.

If anyone has anymore to add to this that would be great as there is not an awful lot of info on these great little laptops anywhere.

If anybody would like stuff tested then just give me the directions and Ill happily try…

Oh does anyone know when the new kernel will be put in a full distro of suse yet? I have tried the factory versions (Dated 26-03-09) but these dont seem to help.

Sorry for the long post but I hope it helps someone.


****, I seem to be the only one in the world with this Netbook, Cant believe that!:stuck_out_tongue:

Does nobody have anymore info or experience with the vx800 chipset?

I am from running the latest kernel from HEAD repository
and the openchrome driver,compiled from svn,
where trunk 742 is broken.So I stay with the vesa driver until openchrome is working again.
Wlan, webcam works, frontmicro doesn’t.
Chrome9 driver and factory up today, gives a problem.
Hopefully better support is underway.
Support from Via is poor and Samsung is not responsive.
As Linux user better stay off this machine.

Try this out:
Install the latest openchrome driver from the openSuSE Package Search service (, simply enter openchrome as the search term. There will be two versions found, take the one with “svn” in the name. It is easiest to just use the “1-Click Install” button.

  • Edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change Driver “fbdev” to Driver “openchrome”, then either log out or reboot.

Write back if it goes wrong or you have luck…