Samsung NC10 WiFi & Glidepad problems

I’ve just installed OpenSUSE 11.1 via a network install onto my Samsung NC10 Netbook. I’m having a couple of problems. The first is my WiFi, which did briefly manage to recognise wireless networks but won’t connect. My logs are showing a string of messages as follows, with a variety of frequencies:

Jan 19 18:24:58 okjwesb5jd kernel: wlan0: failed to set freq to 2437 MHz for scan
Jan 19 18:24:59 okjwesb5jd kernel: ath5k phy0: noise floor calibration failed (2442MHz)
Jan 19 18:24:59 okjwesb5jd kernel: ath5k phy0: ath5k_chan_set: unable to reset channel (2442 Mhz)

Also, there’s a slightly puzzling problem with the touchpad - it’s far more sensitive vertically than horizontally. I’ve googled and found some reports in the Ubuntu community of the same problem, but no-one has any idea how to resolve it.

Sincere thanks,

Can’t help with the touchpad which works ok for me but the wifi problem is a known bug: