Samsung N130 Realtek 8192(e) isn't recognized

Hello, I recently abandoned Ubuntu and switched over to Suse after trying numerous other distro’s. Suse seems to work fine although on my Samsung N130 netbook I have to use a wired Internet connection. The whole purpose of a netbook is to be able to use wireless and so this is a “make it or break it” situation for me continuing to run Suse. I looked through the stickey’s on this forum and found them far too confusing. When I was running Ubuntu the wireless didn’t work out of the box either but a quick Google search found a howto that was so simple to follow a monkey could have done it and I had wireless working in 2 minutes.

According to the post on the Ubuntu forums, I have either a Realtek 8192 or Realtek 8192E card, the instructions that were given that worked for me work for both of those, and I’m unable to locate the exact model of my card using the instructions for YAST given in one of the stickeys… it’s just far too confusing.

If more information is needed I will be happy to try and provide it if I can. I thank you in advance for a prompt reply since I can’t just keep using this wired connection, and if Suse can’t handle my card then I guess I will have to move on and find something else.


Did you use the forum’s search function?

Help Wifi Lenovo R500 - openSUSE Forums

One of the first hits for “8192” or “Realtek 8192”.