Samsung MFG CLX 3170 FN mit Suse 13.1

Ich hab den Drucker 2009 unter Suse 10.3 problemslos installiert und seither betrieben. Jetzt hab ich den Drucker unter Suse 13.1 (64 bit) mit der Installations-CD von 2009 wieder installiert. Der Drucker erscheint am Desktop, aber weder Scanner noch Drucker funktionieren. Samsung bietet für diesen Drucker einen Treiber für Linux mit Datum 2013 an.

  1. Hat jemand Erfahrung mit der Kombination Suse 13.1 und diesem Drucker CLX-3170FN?

  2. Muss ich vor der Installation des Treibers aus 2013 den jetzt installierten Treiber deinstatllieren und wie geht das?

Teste bitte mal den Drucker und seine Konfiguration über YaST:


clx2160N and scx4200 run ok in openSUSE13.1,

installed from within a terminal, as follows,
with UnifiedLinuxDriver_1.00.tar.gz unzipped

A780GM-m1<2014Jun21><23:51><~/samsung/cdroot>  sudo sh autorun 
(dialogue as follows)
****  It seems Qt library is not installed, or X display is not accessible.
****  Custom Qt library will be configured for use with this package.
GUI mode installer execution failed, proceeding in text mode
****  Running text mode install
****  Press Enter to continue or q and then Enter to quit: 

****  Print drivers for the following device models available:
CLP-300splc CLP-310splc CLP-320splc CLP-340splc CLP-350ps CLP-500splc 
CLP-510splc CLP-550ps CLP-600splc CLP-610splc CLP-620splc CLP-650ps CLP-660ps 
CLP-670ps CLP-770ps CLX-216xsplc CLX-3160splc CLX-3170splc CLX-3180splc 
CLX-3240splc CLX-6200ps CLX-6220ps CLX-6240ps CLX-6250ps CLX-8380ps CLX-8385ps 
CLX-8385Xps CLX-8540ps CLX-9250ps mfp560 mfp65x mfp750 ML-1450ps ML-1510spl2 
ML-1520spl2 ML-1610spl2 ML-1630spl2 ML-1630wspl2 ML-1640spl2 ML-1660spl 
ML-1710spl2 ML-1740spl2 ML-1750spl2 ML-191xspl2 ML-2010spl2 ML-2150ps 
ML-2150spl2 ML-2240spl2 ML-2245spl2 ML-2250spl2 ML-2510spl2 ML-2525w ML-2550ps 
ML-2550Sps ML-2550Sspl2 ML-2560ps ML-2570ps ML-2580spl2 ML-2850ps ML-2853ps 
ML-2855ps ML-3050spl2 ML-3470ps ML-3475ps ML-3560spl2 ML-4050DMVps ML-4050ps 
ML-4055ps ML-4550ps ML-4555ps ML-5510ps ML-6060ps ML-7300ps ML-8x00ps scx3200 
scx4100 scx4200 scx4300 scx4500 scx4500w scx4600 scx4623fw scx4623 scx4725 
scx4x16 scx4x20 scx4x21 scx4x24 scx4x25 scx4x26 scx4x28ps scx5312f scx5635ps 
scx5835ps scx5835Xps scx5x30 scx6545ps scx6545Xps scx6x20PCL scx6x20 scx6x20PS 
scx6x22ps scx6x45ps scx6x55ps scx6x55Xps scx8030ps sf531p

****  Please enter model to install and press Enter: scx4200
INFO: Restarting udev ...
  info         query sysfs or the udev database
  trigger      request events from the kernel
  settle       wait for the event queue to finish
  control      control the udev daemon
  monitor      listen to kernel and udev events
  hwdb         maintain the hardware database index
  test         test an event run
  test-builtin test a built-in command
control: unrecognized option '--reload_rules'
INFO: Installing MFP port and SANE backend libraries ...
cat: /etc/modprobe.conf: No such file or directory
INFO: Installing GUI lpr ...
INFO: Fixing file ownership and permissions ...
INFO: Registering SANE backend ...
INFO: Registering CUPS printer ...
redirecting to systemctl restart cups.service
INFO: CUPS restart OK
INFO: Creating menu entries ...
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/proc/Desktop’: Operation not permitted
chmod: cannot access ‘/proc/Desktop’: No such file or directory
chown: cannot access ‘/proc/Desktop’: No such file or directory
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/proc/.gnome-desktop’: Operation not permitted
chmod: cannot access ‘/proc/.gnome-desktop’: No such file or directory
chown: cannot access ‘/proc/.gnome-desktop’: No such file or directory
INFO: Finishing installation ...
****  Text mode install finished

then setup with yast printer module