Same wallpaper for different desktops?

Hi, there!
How can I display different images on each desktop in openSUSE 11.1?
I changed the desktop wallpaper but I see the same wallpaper for all 4 desktops.

Thank you, in advance.

Hi, I guess you’re using KDE4 and you know to do that in KDE3.5 or gnome. Well, in KDE4 it is not yet possible to have different wallpapers on each Desktop. You’ll have to wait for KDE4.3, I think.

Thank you. I’ll wait.

I have always had this issue and have the perfect solution. Now as a newbie to linux this may be a harsh work around…

I have always created one long background that spans across all my screens and section them off for each screen… does that make sense?

So if i have two screens 1024x768, i make one big image in photoshop or gimp at the size 2048x768, and put one image on one half and the other on the other half. But the trick is, atleast in windows, is you have to tile the image to make it work properly…

I duno if i explained that well, but it does work.