Same computer two hard disks

Hello all, I have just finished burning openSUSE-11.4 kde to a cd disk. I am also at best a computer novice so please bear with me. I have an older E Machines running windows XP on one 20gb disc, and a empty 40gb disc. My question is can I install my new openSUSE to this blank 40gb disc and have a dual boot computer able to boot from two separate drives? and if so how? Thank you in advance for any help given. John

Perhaps you better just tell us how much RAM you have as your machine sounds like it might be rather old.

Thanks for your reply. I believe my RAM is 256mb -Two cards @ 128 each. I know this is an old and slow unit and also one in which I don’t mind if I mess it up so I thought about experimenting with Linux on it. If there is a better disto or if I am way off base on getting this to work on this machine please feel free to give your opinion. Thanks again for your immediate reply. John.

Hardware requirements - openSUSE

Which means you’ll not be able to install it. At least not Gnome or KDE

I suggest you look for a Linux distribution that is lighter weight.
It might be possible for you to run the openSUSE LXDE version of 11.4, but ideally you would install from a DVD, but I suspect you may only have a CD drive?
Though you can force a live CD to install in Text mode and the LXDE cd might even boot and install
Text mode install from liveCD

The reason I tell you this is: A live cd boots to a live desktop which uses loads of RAM, so to do that and then be able to run the installer requires much more RAM than you have.

Here is a link to the LXDE live CD

More info:

Thanks again for your quick reply, seems like I should have done some more research on this before I started. This machine does have a dvd reader but your suggestion about a lighter distro makes more sense ( do you have a suggestion?) again this machine is a spare and used primarily for web surfing and experimenting. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks John.

On 09/29/2011 07:26 AM, jdmackable wrote:
> ( do you have a suggestion?)

i’m not Carl but, here is an old list:

as far as i know most there is still true…i’d start with Puppy.

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If you install openSuSE-11.4 from DVD or NET-CD, you can choose a minimum server or minimum X installation then add openbox-kde. This will give a lightweight KDE. I still have six ten year old 800MHz P3, 256MiB RAM, Intel i815 graphics, 5GB hdd machines in daily use configured like this. They may not be any good for entertainment, but for work (web-based data-entry, typing documents, etc.) they are fine. You can even have a Plasma Desktop, just as long as you steer clear of akonadi, strigi, kdepim4-4.6, desktop effects etc.

Puppy or Chrunchbang

LXDE might be worth a shot in openSUSE if you are really wanting openSUSE

Thank you both for your help. I will try the Puppy distro first and then work on getting opensuse on dvd. I really do not know what I want or need but but want to try something new and different. After doing some research opensuse seemed like a good choice partly because of this forum (which was highly recommended due to folks like you who are willing to help folks like me -computer challenged-) Thanks again.