SAMBA woes

I am trying to access a NAS network drive from Nautilus (SUSE 11.1 Gnome). I can click on Network, then workgroup, and it appears, but I cannot drill down further into the folders inside. Just get an empty Nautilus window.
The drive is completely open to all users, no passwords, and can be easily accessed through Nautilus in Ubuntu or Windows.
Only got this far after disabling the SUSE firewall, before that it was completely hit and miss. But how do I get into my shares?

I have that problem in Nautilus too in 11.1. There was a bug in 11.0 in Nautilus. I thought it would have been fixed by now. I’ll have to check it out.

It was this bug:

Hope it’s not still un-fixed. Anyone know?

As far as my testing both in x86-32 and x86-64 the bug is still present. The only way I have been able to see my NAS’s is to mount the device via CIFS as root. The fstab trick for automatically mounting the device at boot time does not seem to work but I still am playing with syntax (following swerdna’s tutorials).

Here’s two possibilities to improve your automation:

Have you tried the ultimate trick of setting “mount -a” as a root cron job to trigger 10 or more seconds after boot time. The command “mount -a” re-triggers any lines in fstab that didn’t work earlier.

Also, since you already have success with the CLI version of a cifs mount, it might be better in your case to bypass the fstab version and put the CLI version of a cifs mount into a root cron job to trigger 10 or more seconds after boot time.

PS a bit more about cron jobs here: HowTo: Cron Tables (Crontab) to Schedule Events in Suse Linux (openSUSE) 10.x, 11.x
and look for “@reboot” here: Man page: crontab

Thanks swerdna.

I had thought of a cron job but didn’t know about mount -a I’ll experiment some more.

Kind of reassuring to find it’s a Nautilus bug, at least it wasn’t me then :slight_smile: Will try one of the suggested workarounds.