samba troubles...

I have been through the threads here and there and think I have everything set up for the two computers to share files.

This a vista64 box to a openSuse 11.2. 11.2 has been updated with the newer samba files.

The Vista box has the shares set up. I seem to can’t get Samba to see it no matter which settings I give it. It says there is a possible firewall between Opensuse and vista.

Ubuntu 9.10 would see the share with just scanning the stuff but it was extremely slow.

I keep looking for insight in the forums for what I am seeing or missing to get around this.

I would like to see the speed of the network when I share files, the sneaker net is getting old with the usb drives.

You say you looked at all of the threads, but most Samba problems have been covered in the forum. Besides the standard Samba setup, one has to worry about the Firewall settings. Also, a bogus update for Samba was floating around that caused one to have to enter a password to to browse the network, before you even connected to a computer. I am using the following Package Repository to get the latest working Samba files:

Samba Repository URL (Do not include the quotes):

I have a Samba Setup Thread you can read at:

Samba SMB file sharing in openSUSE 11.2 - openSUSE Forums

You might post your Samba Version and a copy of your smb.conf file located at /ect/samba.

Thank You,

Thank you for more info.

current version of samba is 2.5.2-7.1 after an update.

The config was nearly stock, with the exception of the work groups changed.

Have more info to tinker around with and looking into it.

Will be back with results I can find out.

Maybe post here smb.comf plus also post here the result of these commands in a console:

cat /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 | grep FW_CONFIGURATIONS_EXT=
sudo /etc/init.d/nmb status
sudo /etc/init.d/smb status
smbtree -N

Those will show us your Samba LAN setup and firewall rules for Samba and whether Samba is on or off and if it sees any shares including itself if any.

thank you for all the help. From everything I read and got to, adding it to the accepting list of the firewall, finally got by the road block.

Another note, I did most of the stuff I needed to do, with out changing most of the base settings from the install. I was able to do it from the gui stuff with out command line things which made it go mostly smoothly.