Samba shares


Is it possible to add Samba shares to the ‘Save As’ dialog for say Thunderbird or OpenOffice Writer? I have been rooting around and can’t seem to find a way to do it. You can pick any part of the file system but not shares.


Thats strange. When I select ‘Save As’ in, I get the option to save to a Network Folder > SMB Shares. Kwrite offers similar, not that I’ve used it.

I don’t have that option in Open Office :frowning: It’s Open Office 3.0.0, Open Suse 11.1, Kde 4.1.3

I don’t have the option either. I’m using Gnome ATM and have to use network drive mapping (mount -t cifs) as in windows to make the share look like a standard “folder” and save it there.