Samba Shares with Restricted Access

hi there this is not a reply to this question, but another question… if you guys could point me in the right direction… I would like to know how to setup a folder shares in the root of opensuse with a user and password that only that user has full rights to that folder… I can share folders files etc but I wish to make them private, to others user…


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> hi there this is not a reply to this question, but another question…

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Make a directory e.g. fedreserve in the root with this command:

sudo mkdir /fedreserve

Make it owned by your user e.g. obama:

sudo chown obama:users /fedreserve

Add user obama to the Samba user database and give her a password with this command:

sudo smbpasswd -a obama

Create the share profile in the Samba configuration file to look like this:

path = /fedreserve
read only = no
force user = obama
valid users = obama

Only obama will be able to access fedreserve. If you want to make subtleties, look here: Secure Read-write Shares; no Guest Access (requires authentication)
and here: Special Purpose Modifications for Enhanced Privacy and/or Security

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