Samba shared folder not accepting user login from another computer

I’ve setup a shared folder with a Samba server in YAST on one computer. Everything’s working there. I added a new group, added 2 users to that group, set permissions on the folder for the group.

Then on another computer in Dolphin I created a new network folder entry:


Then I go to that folder, I see the shared folder, I click on it, it pops up a login dialog with a username, domain and password. I enter my username (same as on the server comp), leave WORKGROUP, and my password (same as on the server comp). And it keeps popping up the same login dialog, that is it doesn’t accept the credentials.

I’ve also added my username and password to smb with

smbpasswd -a myusername

I’ve also added the same group on the other computer, same group ID, added myself to that group, re-logged in.

Still can’t log in to the shared folder.

What am I missing?

Doh! I’ve added the smb user on my other computer, not on the one which runs the server.

It’s all good now.