Samba share stopped working with Samba 4.1.22-21.1

I have a share onto my dev SUSE box from a windows machine. It’s been working fine up until Samba release 4.1.22-21.1 which comes with Patch openSUSE-2015-945-1.noarch.

It’s a very permissive share since it is set up to allow full access as root to the entire file system on the SUSE box. (And yes - I fully understand the risks of having such a share, but it is very convenient, and it just a dev box on a private network which only I can access).

Anyhow, the share stops working if I install samba 4.1.22-21.1. It still maps the drive, but only allows read access to the first level of directories on the share - below that, it says “access denied”. As far as I can see from the samba logs (I am no expert) - the credentials are being passed through OK, but get unmapped at some point inside the samba request.

I have had a look at the release notes for that version of samba, but I can’t see anything which would obviously cause that behaviour.

Does anybody know what is causing this, and if there is any way around it ?