Samba share not mounted at boot

I upgrade from 11.2 to 11.4 and now, my samba share does not mount at boot time. I see nothing in the log. What is changed in 11.4 ?

To cut a long story short, try this:
Create a file called after.local and put it in folder /etc/init.d and put this line in it:

#! /bin/sh
mount -a

Might work
Reference here: Permanent Mount Fails at Boot Time

Make sure your samba server is running.
Use YaST2 | network services to check

While in YaST2 check Novell AppArmor | Update AppArmor Profile to allow smbd and nmdb or better use Edit Profile to delete samba from AppArmor.

I found in 11.2 a smbfs service in init.d which is not in 11.4. I copy and activate it in level 3 and 5. Problem solved.

Congratulations – very original

Idea: maybe in 11.3 it had been renamed cifs – look in: “ls -l /etc/init.d | grep cifs”

You’re right. I have not 11.3 but in 11.4 there is a cifs service and it is not active by default. I activate it and it’s good. No need of smbfs.