Samba server 11.4 RC2/GM Final fails to start - Temporary triage.

Ran into an issue today when testing 11.4RC2 + GM where the Samba server (as well as nmb) suffer from issues with AppArmor - mainly preventing Samba from starting at all. There are currently three ways to mitigate the issue, depending on your set up and needs - first you must start smb and nmb daemons once for them to register - then you can choose how to proceed from there.

You can switch AppArmor to “Complain” instead of “Enforce” for smb + nmb
open YAST -> Novell AppArmor -> AppArmor Control Panel -> Set Profile Modes; Configure -> click on usr.sbin.smb and click on Toggle Mode so it switched to Complain, then do the same for nmbd and Done / Done.

You can run Update Profile Wizard after issuing rcsmb / rcnmb
It will detect what file samba/nmb fails to access each time, you may have to do this 4-5 times. Annoying, I know.

Third solution would be to actually fix the AppArmor profile files, the bug in question with attached files is here for the more advanced users;

Hopefully they’ll push out a hotfix for it before 11.4 ships via an Online Update. It should be a pretty simple thing to do anyway.

Thank You very much for the information. I’m using samba + AppArmor myself but still on 11.3 and not experiencing this bug. I plan to update to 11.4 as soon as it comes out so I’ll keep this in mind.

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