Samba sees MS SERVER2003' local doman.. but fails to join it

Well Im able to get samba and or winbind.
To see the local Domain. Both services ask. “host is not a member”…Do you want to join to the local domain.

When I type in the domains administrator user name and the password to join… It spends 5 min at least. trying to find the domain… and authenticate. Suse soon tells me, failed to join domain… cant find dc for domain.

I get the same message trying to joining via samba or winbind.

Course I can sign into the domain… If my machine is loged in as a local… I have no domain option to log in as.

Now when I had ver 10.3 and the novell sled I was able to get them to join the domain. And log in as a domain user.
But So far Ver 11 Ive been Struggling with.

Ive even done a reload of the system. n Still dealing with the same issue… grrr