Samba remote share doesn't mount


Samba remote share doesn’t mount with the following autofs setup:


/mnt/dataserver	/etc/auto.misc --timeout=30


dataserver 	-fstype=cifs ://dataserver/Dataserver

but I can mount and access it in Dolphin through a network folder at:


i.e. it works but doesn’t mount with autofs.

I’ve cut down the autofs config to bare minimum to find the problem but even with that it doesn’t work. What am I missing?

Tried with all sorts of credentials - no effect either.

Output from automount -f -v

Starting automounter version 5.1.3, master map auto.master
using kernel protocol version 5.05
mounted indirect on /mnt/dataserver with timeout 60, freq 15 seconds

but the /mnt/dataserver folder is empty

Can you mount it manually using the same options as in automount?

mount -t cifs //dataserver/Dataserver /mnt

@arvidjaar , yes, I can. I used to do that but it froze the computer for minutes every time the share computer was off. So I decided to switch to autofs.