samba problem with authorization dialog


my smb.conf is:

workgroup = RETEA
netbiosname = tati-PC
name resolve order = bcast lmhosts wins host
server string = “”
local master = yes
preferred master = yes
os level = 65
passdb backend = tdbsam
printing = cups
printcap name = cups
printcap cache time = 750
cups options = raw
load printers = yes
map to guest = Bad User
use client driver = yes
include = /etc/samba/dhcp.conf

logon path = \%L\profiles.msprofile

logon home = \%L%U.9xprofile

logon drive = P:

usershare allow guests = Yes
usershare max share = 100
usershare owner only = False

usershare path = /var/lib/samba/usershare

wins support = No

I have a windows XP, Vista and Opensuse11.2 network.
from windows to opensuse is ok, but from linux to windows not work.

why samba ask me “authorization dialog” when try to open
smb://RETEA/ in delphin file manager (network-> Samba Shares-> and when I click RETEA then appear Authorization dialog)

if I put in adress bar //smb/ (the ip of windows box or even linux box) or netbiosname of windows or linux station everything it’s ok!
the workgroup for all station is RETEA

pls, help me!!!

no ideea?

the firewall is stop.

There have been some other posts about this. Users stated that this problem was related to updates of samba. Rolling back to the distributed version (i.e. from the DVD) seems to get things back to work