Samba problem - shares shown on windows client, but not on server


I have a strange problem, a problem I can’t solve on mye own. I have set up samba server on mye opensuse box. I have three windows machines which two connect nice to this server. I see the server and can share files, and the server sees the two machines and I can share files, but the third I get a timeout in Dolhin after I click on this machine (icon). What is strange is the client can see the opensuse box and open the folders, but the server can’t access the windows machine. That’s strange because it works on two machines.

How can I fail search this and hopefully solve the problem?

Dag R

From what you’re describing I’m guessing that the problem is on your Windows box,
Sharing is probably not set up correctly on it, can’t know more specifically the problem without knowing exactly how it’s set up…
But more than likely you should be able to figure it out by comparing that box with your other 2 Windows boxes which are working fine.