Samba Problem / Can't access windows shared folders

Hello! I’m a new openSUSE user and I need your help.
In our office network we have windows machines with public shared folders for “Everyone” like this:
So any windows user can access this folder without providing any username and password. We have also Mac machines and they can access these folders without any problem as well. But I (beeing the only openSUSE / Linux user in our office) can’t access these folders. I allowed samba client/server and netbios server services in my openSUSE firewall. I can see the list of computers in dolphin, but when I try to open one of these computers I get dialog which asks me for username and password. I can’t figure out why this happens, becouse I know for sure this computer have public shared folder which is accessable for other computers in our network except for me :\

I would suggest it is worth checking out threads and this last one does affect Tumbleweed as well as Leap.


thank you for reply, I checked out your links and realized that it’s a samba bug, so I have no choise other than just waiting for new samba updates…

I hate to resurrect an old thread but I have not seen anything recent about this problem. In addition to my linux box I have a Windows 7 box and a Windows 10 box. I am currently using openSUSE 13.2 with samba version frozen at 4.1.12 because any updates to this, as with the versions that come with Leap and with Tumbleweed, lead to a request to open a shared folder on either of the Windows boxes asking for a username and password. By using the old version of samba on 13.2 I am able to access the windows shares without supplying a username or a password. I thought that by now this problem would have been resolved but after installing Tumbleweed today I see that it has not—unless there is a workaround to fix it? Otherwise I am stuck on 13.2.

By the way, the windows machines are able to access the linux machine without any issues with no matter what version of samba.

So—have I missed the workaround along the way?