Samba / pam_mount

I try to configure a suse11 desktop in a school. All servers are windows. I can log into the domain using AD and the domain username and automatically a home directory for the mount point is created. However I would do the following at login:
Mount the home directory (for teachers/staff that is on file server “echo” for students this is on file server “bravo”.
For a student login: mount the “students” folder on “bravo” which contains instructions
For a teacher login: mount the “students” folder on “bravo” and the “department” folder on “echo”.
I have installed pam_mount but so far have been unable to configure it even to a single mount of the teacher’s home directory).
I am not clear about the smb.config file if two different file servers are used. At the moment only netbios name echo is there and I cant mount this manually as root.
Any assistance even with part of this situation is very much appreciated.

Is there nobody out there who has used pam_mount or who has set up a linux desktop connecting to several windows servers with samba?