samba or is there an alternative ?

Just question,

with the help of Swerdna’s guide I got samba running on all 3 of my linux pc’s but I was thinking if you don’t need the windows stuff is there a more native linux solution, reason I ask is that samba in yast has the windows flag and the samba page also mentions windows a lot.

The only other alternative I found is nfs but are the other alternative so sharing folder/drives under diffrent linux systems ?

You can use fish in kde from within the Dolphin file manager, just enter like this:


You need to setup ssh securely of course on the server. I use public key authentication - disable for root access. Many recommend no password, but I use one and access is limited to my remote LAN_IP.

Also check out kssh. I use the kde3 version in my kde4 desktop, it just works better.

thanks, will investiage fish :slight_smile:

This is what i have:
Samba for the 1 Windows-client (gaming son)
NFS for the export of /home etc.etc. from server to clients, clients mount NFS-exports
NIS for network information such as users and groups.

So the clients have no users, users login through NIS.
This way all data are on the server, including user accounts.