SAMBA Opensuse 13.1 Im lost!

Good morning…or evening depending on your geographic location at the time.

Name is Danny and I’m new to open suse…linux in general I know enough to be dangerous eh eh eh

After being frustrated with ubuntu based distros I went on the hunt for something new.

I did a lot of reading on distro watch and played with a few other options…then I found Opensuse needless to say I’m finally home.

The install was great I couldn’t believe how comprehensive it was. That being said im sure my issue is user error and lack of understanding.

So on to the issue I have right now sharing files.

Lets deal with the file sharing. The Setup is as follows:

4x systems pure opensuse 13.1 (2x64bit 2x32bit)
Static IP’s

Now I decided to use samba…cause I’m not knowledgeable about other methods. Also I will have 4 VM guests running various windows OS (I’m in school for Microsoft certs then i get to move on to Linux/Unix classes he he) and I want them to access shares on the Linux boxes as well as the Linux boxes access the VM’s

The first thing I did was go to Yast2 > Network Services > Samba Server
I let it do its initial thing and let yast open firewall.

The configure comes up and I see the default listed shares now this is where I am either confused or making erroneous changes.
The share I want to do is the home folder for my primary user.

As such I click add set the name the description the path and made sure read only is not checked I click ok and bam its in my list of shares.

I then click finish Yast2 does its finalizing and as expected returned to the main Yast2 window

At this point I figure I’m good to go I turn around to my laptop which just got it’s opensuse goodness.

Launch dolphin click network and among the others I see samba shares which I click then I see my workgroup again I click it.

And low and behold see both systems All giddy that it was that easy. I click the target system…and the giddy is gone I get a time out issue when trying to connect to the target system.

At this point I’m lost …my linux-fu is not strong …yet;)

What am I doing wrong here? I searched around but didn’t find anything related at least as far as I know it. lol

Again any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Danny
Proud new Opensuse user

Additionla info:

The Windows VM’s CAN access the shares
The Linux hosts cannot get timed out
Netbios names are set and workgroup is set to the desired name

Well I’m not sure what I did.

Either it was the name resolution order option i put in smb.conf.

I also ran smbpasswd -a user on both systems why that would resolve a time out issue not sure.

Regardless I’m sharing files linux<>linux windows<>linux windows<>windows.

Still if somebody can explain WHY this might of worked I would love to here it strictly for the educational merit.

When it comes to samba i always consult

NICE! that looks like a great resource! I appreciate it!

Unfortunately, Swerdna says there: “I no longer update the pages on this site. So the pages will gradually become obsolete.”. Lenwolf

Slowly but surely :wink: