Samba & openLDAP permissions

To start this is a little explanation of my situation.

Working Samba & openLDAP server for system logins.

After installing and configuring the Samba & openLDAP services I had a working authentication schema for system login.

And I have shared a home directory trough NFS.

After login I get errors like .ICEauthoritie, …

Permissions on the home directory

My problem is to write e full home directory on my NFS share, my user or client have to get permissions on that folder to write. Now i don’t know how to give the right permissions.
I’m working in a test environment and i have tested a chmod 777 on the home directories and everything worked. But i know 777 is not a good permission so does anybody had this problem and what have you done to solve this so that not every user have full access to other users directory’s ?

I have checked the directory after I logged in and get the .ICE authority error and the home folder was automatic created but with the 700 permissions.