Samba on version 11.2


My Samba setup works just fine however whenever I do stop/start/restart

I get these errors in the logs:

Jan 17 00:21:14 neutrino smbd[4297]: smbd_open_once_socket: open_socket_in: Address already in use
Jan 17 00:31:20 neutrino smbd[4557]: [2010/01/17 00:31:20, 0] smbd/service.c:1009(make_connection_snum)

does anyone know what to think of these? My thought is since it works just ignore and probably the SuSE team will get to cleaning this up sometime but if someone has a better suggestion that would be great.

Reg gie wrote:
> My Samba setup works just fine however whenever I do
> stop/start/restart

while waiting for a reply here, you may find your answer in one of our
mod’s (swerdna) personal site:

upper left corner has help thousands of folks avoid errors in logs…


Thanks, I don’t really think there is a setup problem on my end as it has worked just fine in 11.0 with the same setup without any errors.

I think it’s a minor 11.2 bug and I checked the 11.2 /etc/samba/* standard installed files and nothing seems to have changed from 11.0.

It’s creating two smbd daemons on startup and I suspect that that’s got something to do with it… but I really have no idea and it doesn’t really matter from a functional point of view as it all works (except the error messages being generated).

Reg gie wrote:

> I think it’s a minor 11.2 bug

then, go here:

which is another way of saying that we have VERY few developers
dropping into this forum…they are too busy squashing bugs…bugs
which are properly entered into their tracking system…

so, please do the right thing…


Looks like you are trying to start 2 smbd processes. Do you have some stray startup scripts in /etc/init.d from a previous version or some private scripts? You’ll have to work out when and where the second smbd is started from.

Works fine here and on sites I have installed so it’s almost certainly some stray stuff you have lying around.

And no, the developers don’t usually hang out here so file a bug report if you think it’s a distro problem. But they will ask you for that kind of debugging information anyway so you might as well have a look yourself first.

Ah, that makes sense, I’ll start poking around and figure it out. Thanks!