Samba network problem


15.1 XFCE x86_64. I set up Samba shares, it works in principle.

Virtually all Windows sees is that I type the IP address directly. When you open it on the network, the share does not appear.

testparm shows everything as good. Both machines are on Wi-Fi on the same network. Apparently all is well, I knew I missed one step because I did it as described.

Where should I go for him?

Thanks in advance!

If I understand you correctly, you have set up a samba server, and Windows does not find the samba server automatically as desired. Is that right?

The WS-Discovery protocol can be used advertise samba servers to Windows hosts.✓&baseproject=ALL&q=wsdd

Once installed, be sure to enable and start the wsdd service

sudo systemctl enable wsdd
sudo systemctl start wsdd

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OK! Thank you very much!