SAMBA need secure (ssh) client for Windows etc.

I need to run SAMBA from my OpenSUSE servers over SSH in my company to windows boxes all on the same network. I’ve looked and looked and it’s funny because I see no easy solutions out there that I have yet to get to work… Does anyone know of a project going on alpha, beta, whatever that addresses “Secure” SAMBA preferably over SSH??

Any good leads would be appreciated :slight_smile:


This claims to do it – I didn’t try it out.
Aerospace Software Ltd.

And some ideas from 2003: Samba/SMB over SSH without disabling local file sharing

And 2004: [Samba] How to tunnel Samba via ssh from Windows XP without having to disable local NetBIOS](

I haven’t tried this, but you might take a look at stunnel (yes, stunnel is an approved YAST install).

Stunnel is a universal tunnel that can wrap any protocol imaginable (I don’t know that there is any restriction).

If it works, it’s a simple solution… Just modify the config file, distribute and install a trusted certificate into each Host, stop/restart the stunnel service to implement. Of course, stunnel only provides the Server-side solution, depending on your clientOS, you may need some special client.

HTH and if it works would be really interested if you can implement…