Samba mount not connecting automatically

I have a home network with opensuse installed on all computers, and I use one of them to store all the information and share the files to the network. All the other computers have the samba shares mounted and everything works great. There is only one issue that I have not been able to find an answer for, and it is something that I miss from windows.
The pc that I use to store the data is a dual boot with windows 7. when I use the windows 7 is completely understandable that since the shares are created in opensuse, they don’t work, but when I reboot into opensuse, the other computers do not find the mounted drives anymore, and I have to manually restart the network services. This is something that does not happen in windows. when a network share is mapped, and it gets disconnected, it automatically connects to it once it is available.

Is it possible to do something like that in opensuse?

The pc that I use as “server” is 12.2 64bit. all other pcs are 12.3 32bit and 64bit

This is an interesting problem I could encounter in my network… I haven’t thought of it before.

Maybe “autofs” could solve the problem? I haven’t an openSUSE box at hand for the moment, but I’ll gladly experiment later!

Did you get a chance to try it?

It is not a critical thing, since my “server” is rarely disconnected from the network, but when it does, I have to restart the network services in every other computer.

The only problem is that when it happens and I am not around, trying to guide my wife (who does not know anything about computers) over the phone to do it is an adventure!! it takes 5 minutes just to get her to open a terminal window…

I’ve created a virtual network for my experimentations with a dumb openSUSE 12.2 Samba file server and two openSUSE 12.3 clients. Currently, I’ve configured one client to mount a SMB share with the good old /etc/fstab and I’ll configure the other with “autofs” in the next days. As I never used “autofs” in practice, It would be a challenge! But this how we learn, doesn’t it?

Once the server and the clients working in the nominal case (i.e when the file server is always connected), I’ll torture them a bit >:).

I understand that… My wife has a zero tolerancy to network failures (this is why I created a virtual test network!).