Samba ldap password problem


in the slapd.conf file I am trying to use something besides a clear text password for the rootpw. I generated a secure password by using the slappasswd command and copied it to the slapd.conf file on the rootpw line, ie:

rootpw {SSHA}valuehere

I also did smbpasswd -w {SSHA}valuehere

now when I start Samba or do a smbpasswd -a I am getting a failed to bind to server Invalid Credentials error

If I set rootpw and smbpasswd -w to lets say password it works fine.

What am I doing wrong with the secured password I am tyring to use?

Have you actually set up Samba to use the LDAP backend to store user accounts, created accounts with the additional attributes in the Samba schema, etc? That password given to -w is the one Samba uses to access the LM and NT password attributes in an LDAP (extended) user record. It shouldn’t be the same as the rootpw, but for a privileged DN that’s given access to those fields.