samba-krb-printing - Missing in OpenSuse 13.1

Hello All,

When setting up my printers on an updated Opensuse 13.1 instalaltion using YaST. The intention was to print off a Windows 2008R2 Print server, which worked fine in 12.2.

Selecting “Printers -> Via Network -> Connection Wizard -> Windows or Samba -> Support for Active directory” prompts to install samba-krb-printing.

This fails as it is not found, and returns back to the screen.

Looking around, seems this package was in 12 but not 13, not sure if this is a YaST bug where an old reference hasnt been updated, or if there is a missing package, or if I am way off!

I’ve never had to print in this type of environment, where Kerberos authentication is required. As a temporary workaround, I’d be inclined to install via the repo listed here

It’s only a small package and provides /usr/bin/get_printing_ticket

A recent thread discussing permissions issues

FWIW, (and without a complete understanding of this), I note the following bug report

and some useful background info for others who come searching

Explained: Windows Authentication in ASP.NET 2.0
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