SAMBA: How do I get rid of the: Samba 3.2.7-11.6-2057-SUSE-C

I notice that when I mount my samba shares from my SLES 11.0 & OpenSuse box to my Windows XP when I look in the “My Computer” on the PC’s they the samba mounts show up as: i.e.

homedirs on ‘Samba 3.2.7-11.6-2057-SUSE-CODE11 (’ (E) Network Drive

How do I change the ‘Samba 3.2.7-11.6-2057-SUSE-CODE11’ to a normal
name or get rid of it. It’s too long and noisy.

Any help would be appreciated!

Tom B.

put this line into the [global] stanza:

server string =

The string you’re complaining about is the server string. The line I quoted, returns a null character for the server string.