Samba FileServer Permissions

I have a old machine running opensuse 10.2 as a SAMBA fileserver. The setup all works fine, but I have a problem with permissions.

Whenever a new directory is created, its default permissions are such that you cannot edit/write to it through the network. Doing chmod 777 of the directory works, but gets a little tedious when you have to do it several times a day.

The server is setup to share user profiles in /home as part of the samba users share.

Is there some way I can give access (read+write, of current and future directories) to whatever user it is that is running the samba server?

Thanks for the help, if it’s unclear or anything just tell me and I’ll clarify.


You have a few options here; one is to use inherit permissions, another is to use force user, and another is force group, and I`m sure there are probably several more. What I would do is read man smb.conf pages, open a terminal and type “man smb.conf” without the quotes, and start reading and use which scheme works best for you.

With samba you can set it where a directory has write permission, however, unless the directory actually has write permission set on the system, it won’t work. Think of it like an extra layer of security. If you have write permission allowed on the directory, but read only set in samba, it won’t allow you to write to the directory using samba. Basically the permissions have to agree with each other. If you have write on one and not the other, you won’t be able to write to it. Hoped this helps

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Can you clarify what part of the directory tree you want to share? I mean do you want to share all folders under /home? And do you want to share those directories to the world (i.e. to “guests”) or just to the users who have accounts on the Linux machine?

And can you please post the contents of the file smb.conf too.