samba does not start at PC startup

why does samba no longer start at startup?
everything is set well, at 42.3 it went well, but at tumbleweed no more?
must now “systemctl start nmb smb” do in a console.


Are these services enabled? You can use the YaST services-manager to check.

Yes that are they
Therefore this question, it is strange …


Before you manually start them, try doing a

sudo systemctl status <name>

and see if that provides a clue.

Very strange, smbd & nmbd just work. And now all of a sudden, my shared files (to windows) as well. PC turned off and restarted to be sure. The problem has disappeared, maybe update? No idea.
Anyway, I keep an eye on it and if necessary I will come back to it.
Thank you for the comments.

Gerrit Jan