samba client problem

Hello all,
i’ve a problem with samba client on suse x86_64. I’m connecting to windows share using smbfs filesystem. I got 3 shares, where two of them are working correctly but last one is problem. I can mount the filesystem, but when I try to get contents of this directory, I got this error:
ls: reading directory /home/pdb/pdb_data/remote/laser_trace/las003: Input/output error.
I guess that this problem occures when there are too many files on the windows share (there almost 40000files).
Do you know how to get it work?

thanks in advance

Are you sure you’re using smbfs and not cifs?

If so, switch to CIFS.

I can’t use CIFS, I’ve tried it but it doesn’t works. The share is on Windows XP. But it’s strange, that I can use CIFS and SMBFS on my Notebook, and there’s also Windows XP. And it’s working even with so many files.

Do anyone know where should be the problem, please?